Thanks to Joachim Parbo for providing us with this gem. While some criticize this technique, I fully condone it. Because it feels good.

Ethel and Me.  Green Mountain CX 2011.  See you soon, Ethel.

Ethel and Me. Green Mountain CX 2011. See you soon, Ethel.

When is Enrollment?


I Like to Talk.

Everyone who knows me, knows this.

When I go on bike rides, I like to talk, even when other people don’t.

In two weeks, I will be doing a 5 day consecutive run of the longest bike rides of my entire life as part of Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington.

I am going to be talking a lot. I hope the other riders are ready for this. I also hope everyone who plans on riding behind me knows that I don’t use fenders.

Being the philanthropist that I am, I spent a long time this week thinking of a way to give back even more than I am already giving by committing to ride my bike from Boston to Washington, DC in the middle of March.

Silence. I can give silence.

Like Chris Parlow says to Cheese in Season 5, Episode 4 of The Wire, “It’s a gift. You know, Marlo gives you a gift, then you give Marlo a gift.” In The Wire, Cheese gave his Uncle up to Marlo, inevitably costing his Uncle, Prop Joe, his life. I don’t think we need to go this far, but we can still exchange gifts.

For every $500.00 donated to my PledgeReg Page you will be helping Bikes Belong, bicycle advocacy, and bicycle infrastructure more than you can imagine. And as a “Thank You,” I will give 1 hour of silence on the road.

If you help me meet my initial goal of $2,500, I will spend the majority of the ride from Boston to Hartford on day one in total silence.

Help me raise $5,000, and I will throw the math out the window and I won’t talk on the road from Boston all the way to New York City.

I would rather not think about raising more than $5,000. I gots to talk…

I wonder what the other riders will think of this?

Here’s a little piece I put together from last year’s ride into the Bronx after nearly 140 miles in the saddle. I didn’t make it past New York last year.

You’re In Over Your Head

Until now, I have reserved updates for the Das Pro und The Rookie Kickstarter/Video project I undertook with Tim Johnson and Todd Prekaski last year to the Supporter List. As time has dragged on, there has been some public discussion about the project, so I found it best to post a public update here.

I will admit to procrastination on the editing of this film. I will also admit to having no flipping idea how much work it really takes to make a documentary film.

Todd and I have told ourselves each of the last six weekends spent at my house, with Todd sleeping with my two dogs on my couch, that “this is the weekend we finish Das Pro.” We weren’t kidding with or lying to one another, we just have had no idea how wrong we were.

Todd has a series of posts called “Rookie Filmmaking” he will be publishing about the many technical aspects (99% of which we had to learn during this process) to making this film that will shed some light on why this process continues to carry on week after week.

What does it all mean, Todd?

As for an update on the anticipated release of this long-awaited DVD, we have had a 100 minute cut in the “Timeline” of Adobe Premiere for the last six weeks, but it is the final, finishing touches that have proven to be the most time-consuming. Having made people wait so long already, we do not want to rush these last steps of editing, since we feel these are going to make this DVD truly unique and special.

Most importantly, I want to make it clear that this project will benefit kids (you have our word on that and you will see how this coming season) and I also want to make it clear that we are deeply appreciative of the companies who supported this project, and all the individuals who spent their hard-earned money to help push this DVD to production. We do not take the contributions lightly and it is because of this we want to make sure we give back the best possible product we can.

So, please accept our apologies, bear with us just a bit longer, and please know we are working on the DVD daily in an effort to deliver what we promised. I would like to say we will finish this weekend, but I think Todd will agree that I probably shouldn’t say that…

Das Pro und The Rookie Todd Prekaski Tim Johnson